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The Inbox Page

The documents and messages sent to you will be displayed on the Inbox page. Once you accept a document/file it will be saved in your filing catalog for future access. You can download the document/file at anytime and anywhere at your convenience. You can also see all your communications in the Transaction history page.

The Send Page

Send documents/messages directly to members of your group or to non-members / future members by specifying their email addresses. You have the option of dragging and dropping a file or select files from a specific location on your computer. Once you send the message/files the recipients will get an email message with a link to eSecureSend to receive the files securely. The expiration date is the date by which the recipient must accept the document, after which the document will be no longer available.

The Groups Page

This page displays the details for the Business Group and also lists the members in your business group. If you are the owner of a group this is where you can edit group details, create a new group, invite new members, remove members from your business group or assign co-owner role to certain members. The Search filter allows you to do wild card searches on the member list.